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The Gamma Beta Phi Society

Advisor Duties

LSU InductionThe National Headquarters looks upon the Chapter Advisor (Advisor) as the administrative head of the chapter and as the person ultimately responsible for its success or failure. The chapter officers and the Advisor are expected to work in close partnership in all phases of the chapter’s work.


The National Senate of the Society has stated that the person chosen as Advisor of a chapter should meet the following qualifications:

  1. Be a full-time faculty or staff member;
  2. Be a strong believer in the value of higher education;
  3. Be a dependable person of high moral character and possess integrity and good judgment;
  4. Get along well with people and be liked and respected by students, colleagues, and superiors;
  5. Be an energetic person with strong leadership capabilities, since he or she is expected to take an active, not passive, role in the advising of the chapter;
  6. Be willing and able to cooperate with the college administration, with the student leadership of the chapter, and with the Gamma Beta Phi national organization;
  7. Be ready to participate in official meetings of Gamma Beta Phi and to abide by the Constitution;
  8. Not be so burdened with other duties that his or her work as Advisor would be neglected.

The role of Advisor is an active one.  The Advisor is the administrative head of the chapter and bears the ultimate responsibility for its’ success or failure.  Only the Advisor can provide the continuity and continued leadership that a chapter must have to be successful.

The Advisor must allow and encourage the officers and members to take as much initiative and to assume as much responsibility as they are willing to.  The Advisor is not to try to run the whole show, but he or she must not let the chapter be inactive.  The amount of leadership the Advisor must give will vary depending on the abilities and dedication of the chapter officers.  The Advisor should work in partnership with the chapter officers and be very much involved.

The Advisor must ensure that things do get done and see to it, in cooperation with the chapter President, that the chapter does not suffer if someone fails to carry out responsibilities. It is not the intention of Gamma Beta Phi to burden the Advisor with excessive duties, but any student organization that is to be a credit to an institution of higher learning must have a responsible leader to stimulate interest in it and to direct its activities. One or two Associate Advisors can be a big help to the chapter.

  1. Meet regularly with the chapter Executive Committee.  He or she must arrange a planning meeting at the beginning of the school year.
  2. Aid the chapter Executive Committee and membership in planning programs, projects, ceremonies, informational (recruitment) meetings, and all other chapter activities.
  3. Take part in chapter activities including attending the regular membership meetings, participating in service and fund-raising projects, and taking part in ceremonies.
  4. Coordinate with National Headquarters to initiate and run the chapter’s membership campaign(s) via online platform.  The Advisor must ensure that at last one (1) recruitment drive is conducted either in the Fall or Spring semester.
  5. The Advisor must also make sure that new members receive induction materials.
  6. Complete, sign and submit end of the academic year chapter forms via online at the appropriate deadline set by National Headquarters (
  • Chapter Report Form
  • Treasurers Report Form
  • IRS Authorization Form
  • Chapter Award Status Form
  • Chapter Advisor Expectations Form
  1. The Advisor must keep all financial records, and a copy of the Executive Committee and Chapter Members meeting minutes.
  2. Attend the National Convention as one of the chapter’s voting delegates.  Attendance is considered of extreme importance, since here he or she meets the national officers and other advisors; gets new ideas; increased dedication; and a deeper understanding of the nature, purposes, and procedures of the Society.
  3. Ensure that a chapter representative, usually a chapter officer, attends the National Convention as one of the chapter’s voting delegates.
  4. Be sure National Headquarters are kept informed of the activities of the chapter and that all activities of the chapter are being well publicized.
  5. Ensure that the chapter President is performing the duties of that office, and that the Secretary and Treasurer are keeping proper records.
  6. Meet at the end of the year with the old and new officers and see that the transfer of information and material is completed.
  7. Act as liaison between the chapter membership and the faculty and administration when, by so doing, communication and cooperation would be enhanced.
  8. Tactfully arbitrate any disputes that the chapter Executive Committee cannot handle.
  9. Keep the objectives and ideals of the Society before the officers and members, offering encouragement and praise at every opportunity, and setting an example for the officers and members by the effort devoted to the Society.

An Advisor’s tenure is pertinent to the success of their chapter, but unforeseen circumstances may arise that cause the Advisor to be unable to continue their duties. In such a case the Advisor must do the following:

  1. Contact the National Headquarters of the advisors intention to resign.
  2. Give advance notice to the chapter Executive Committee and membership, and the appropriate administrator of the institution.
  3. Seek out a replacement that is acceptable to the chapter Executive Committee and the administration of the institution.
  4. See that all materials and information in his or her possession are passed on to the replacement.

I understand that I should consult the National Executive Director regarding any questions not answered in the handbook.  I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to read and I hereby pledge to comply with the policies contained in this handbook and any revisions made to it.