The Gamma Beta Phi Society

Advisor Duties

LSU InductionThe Advisor needs to read the preceding section of this Manual as well as this section.

Qualifications of an Advisor

An Advisor of a chapter should meet the following qualifications;

  1. be employed by the institution;
  2. be a strong believer in the value of community service;
  3. be a dependable person of high moral character and possess integrity and good judgment;
  4. get along well with students and colleagues;
  5. be an energetic person with strong leadership capabilities;
  6. be willing to act as a liaison between the chapter and the college administration;
Opportunities and Rewards of an Advisor

The role of Advisor is an important one. As can be seen from the list of qualifications, to be asked to serve in this capacity is definitely a tribute. The rewards of an Advisor are primarily intangible but, nonetheless, extremely desirable.

  1. He or she associates with the best students on campus in endeavors that are important and worthwhile.
  2. He or she has the reward of seeing the members grow in their ability and willingness to shoulder responsibility and in their commitment to scholarship, service, and character.
  3. He or she has the satisfaction of contributing to the well-being of his or her institution and community.
  4. He or she will make lasting friendships with members and with other Advisors.
  5. He or she has the satisfaction of knowing that through his or her efforts The Gamma Beta Phi Society is making a difference in the surrounding communities through community outreach.
Replacement of the Advisor

It is hoped that the Advisor and his or her chapter will have a long-term relationship, but it is realized that unforeseen circumstances may arise that cause the Advisor to be unable to continue. In such a case the Advisor should give as much notice as possible to the membership, National Executive Director, and the appropriate administrator of the institution. The Advisor should see to it that all materials and information in his or her keeping are passed on to the replacement.

One of the worst things that can happen to a chapter is for an Advisor to leave the position and not inform anyone, especially the National Executive Director. We hope the Advisor would assist in finding a replacement. If not, please call the National Headquarters and inform us about your departure.