The Gamma Beta Phi Society

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can the community service I am already doing count as Gamma Beta Phi (GBP) service?
Absolutely. All you’ll need to document your service in order to meet eligibility requirements for Gamma Beta Phi is a letter from the organization you served that notes how many hours you contributed. Each member is required to complete 20 hours of community service yearly to remain a member in good standing in the society.

Q. Is attending the Information Meeting and Induction Ceremony mandatory?
No. While it’s always best to attend the ceremony and informational meeting so that you can get to know your chapter’s leadership and your fellow members, if you can’t attend the Induction Ceremony you can pick up your materials at any chapter meeting.

Q. How was I selected for the prestigious organization?
The Registrar’s Office provided our Chapter Advisor (a University or College Faculty/Staff) with a list of students who met the GPA threshold and had completed least 12 hours of course work.

Q. How will I find out about Chapter events?
Your chapter leadership will choose a method of communication (usually e-mail) that will be used to notify members regarding upcoming events.

Q. If I am a distant learning student can I still join?
Yes! If your school has a chapter and you meet the eligibility requirements but did not receive an invitation to join, please contact the adviser. If you are a distance learner at a school that does not have a chapter, check out our Membership-at-Large process.

Q. Are part-time students eligible?
Part-time students may be eligible for membership if they have accumulated 12 hours on a semester system or 15 hours on a quarter system.

Q. Are students who plan to transfer to a four-year institution without receiving an associate degree eligible?
While Gamma Beta Phi encourages students to obtain an associate degree before transferring, this is not a requirement for membership eligibility. A student would be eligible if he or she has completed at least 12 hours of course work that could be applied to earning a degree where the student is currently enrolled and has met the chapter’s required grade point average.

Q. Are students pursuing certificate programs eligible for membership?
A certificate student may be eligible for membership if the student has completed at least 12 hours of course work that could be applied toward a degree at the college where the student is currently enrolled and has met the chapter’s required grade point average.

Q. Is a student who has earned a degree already eligible for membership?
A student with a degree who is currently enrolled at the college is eligible for membership. Gamma Beta Phi allows members to join at every level from freshman to doctoral student.

Q. Can transfer hours from other colleges be considered when determining membership eligibility?
Courses taken at other institutions may be considered when determining membership eligibility if this procedure is acceptable to the institution the student is currently attending. All courses considered must be applicable to a degree at the students’ current institution.

Q. If a student attended the community college several years ago and did not do well, are those grades considered when determining the student’s eligibility?
Eligibility is based on a student’s grade point average at their current institution. The grade point average at the prior institution is only a factor if the student has not accumulated 12 hours at their current institution.

Q. Can a high school student become a member?
A high school student enrolled at a college who completes at least 12 hours of associate degree course work with the required cumulative grade point average is eligible for membership.

Q. Are international students, those who are citizens of countries other than the country where they attend college, eligible?
International students attending college outside their home countries are eligible for membership if they have completed at least 12 hours of associate degree course work and have met the required cumulative grade point average.

Q. How much time will being a member take?
Each chapter has their own specific guidelines to how much time or participation is required to remain a member “in good standing”. Although individual chapters have the flexibility to set their own guidelines, they all realize that honor students are busy people and they set their requirements to very reasonable.

Q. How much does membership cost?
Gamma Beta Phi’s National Membership fee is $60. It is paid only once. In addition, many chapters charge local dues to help with the expenses of local chapter operations. Your chapter’s local dues are listed in your membership invitation and may be collected annually.

Q. What if I move after being inducted into Gamma Beta Phi? How do I update my information in the national database?
Gamma Beta Phi memberships are fully transferable to any accredited institution. See the Member Transfer section of the site for information on how to complete this process.

Q. At what point does a student officially become a member?
A student becomes a member when his/her membership application has been approved and membership fees have been paid. A student must be recorded as a member at Headquarters in order to receive all the rights, privileges and benefits of membership.