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The Gamma Beta Phi Society

General Responsibilities

LSU InductionAll leaders of a chapter have certain general responsibilities in common.

  1. The officers must develop an understanding of the history, purposes, policies and style of the society.
  2. They must all understand their specific duties and execute them with promptness and efficiency.
  3. Each officer should know the responsibilities of the other officers and of the Advisor, so that he or she will better comprehend how his or her part fits into the whole of chapter leadership.
  4. They should have a thorough knowledge of the National Constitution and of the State and local By-laws and must see to it that the chapter By-laws are followed and remain effective, up-to-date, and in accordance with the National Constitution. Each officer should know parliamentary procedure.
  5. They should be familiar with the materials available from Headquarters and should make certain that the materials sent to the chapter are used wisely.
  6. All Officers help keep up each other’s enthusiasm and set an example of dedication for the general membership. They should keep each other fully informed on all chapter matters and should schedule regular and frequent Executive Committee meetings to facilitate this. Most of the chapter’s policies and activities will normally be planned at these meetings.
  7. The officers must involve as many members as possible in chapter activities, spreading the opportunities and responsibilities among the members.
  8. Chapter leadership should make all efforts to attend both regional and national conventions.
  9. Although a certain person or committee may be specifically in charge of publicity, each officer has a general responsibility to use his or her imagination and industry to insure that the facility, administration, student body, and general public becomes and stays favorably aware of Gamma Beta Phi. The officers should insure that written and photographic records are kept of the activities of the chapter, perhaps by having a chapter Historian. Each chapter is urged to have a Reporter who, among other duties, sends news and pictures to Headquarters for publication.
  10. As members of the Executive Committee, they should be quick to detect any breakdown in the chapter machinery and move quickly and decisively, but diplomatically, to remedy the situation. If an officer, member, committee, or the Advisor is not doing his or her job or is violating the standards or regulations, the Executive Committee must act. It may be wise to solicit the advice of The National Executive Director.
  11. The officers should collectively insure that a proper job is done of contacting prospective members so that as many students as are interested and eligible have the opportunity to join.
  12. The officers should see that the local dues are adequate but not excessive, and that the dues are well used, and that a proper accounting is made of all chapter funds.
  13. If at any time an officer or Advisor becomes unable or unwilling to continue the responsibilities of office, he or she should immediately tender his or her resignation to the chapter Executive Committee; and a search should begin for a replacement.
  14. At the end of the term of office, the outgoing officers and Advisors should meet with the incoming officers to brief them and to pass on materials, thus insuring an orderly transition of leadership. This would be an appropriate time for the chapter President and Advisor to make sure that they have all the information needed for the completion of the Chapter Report and its timely submission to Headquarters (due on May 31st, annually).