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The Gamma Beta Phi Society


Member-at-Large is a program that allows for students at schools that do not have a Gamma Beta Phi chapter to be recognized for their academic achievement and community service. Members-at-Large receive all of the same benefits, materials, and opportunities as traditional members.

Member–at–Large (MAL) Requirements
  • A MAL must have at least a 3.2 GPA (on a 4.0 GPA scale).
  • A MAL must have completed 12 semester hours or 15 quarter hours of course work.
  • A MAL must submit an official transcript to the National Headquarters assuring GPA and course work has been accomplished.
  • A MAL must complete 20 hours of community service through August 1st – May 31st of each academic school year.
  • Since the service requirement is for 20 hours to be completed anytime within the school year (and not 10 hours a semester), a MAL must submit documentation of service hours completed on the organization’s letterhead and signed by a representative of the organization. Documentation must be submitted by May 31st each year.
  • A MAL is not allowed to do a fundraiser using Gamma Beta Phi’s name, logo, or reputation.
  • A student cannot join MAL if there is a Gamma Beta Phi chapter on their campus. Please double check our chapter list before applying.
  • Email [email protected] to learn more about applying to be a Member-at-Large. Applications to apply to the Society as a Member-at-Large are open August 1-May 15 each year.