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The Gamma Beta Phi Society

Pillars of the Society

The Objectives of the Society
The Code of Ethics
The Coat of Arms
The Membership Pledge

The Objectives of the Society

To recognize and encourage in education

To promote the development of leadership ability and character in its members

To foster, disseminate, and improve education through appropriate service projects

The Code of Ethics

Members of The Gamma Beta Phi Society subscribe to, and seek to live by, the principles of:

I. HONESTY: knowing that honesty is a necessary attribute of good character and effective leadership;

II. SERVICE: being aware of the fact that true happiness comes only through helpful service to others;

III. INDUSTRIOUSNESS: knowing that real progress can be achieved only if the mind is alert to comprehend and the hands ready to perform individual and community tasks;

IV. HUMILITY: being convinced that true humbleness of spirit is the only proper attitude to maintain in their relations with their associates;

V. JUSTICE: believing that it is only right and proper to be just and fair in their dealings with other individuals; to condemn no one without giving him or her a chance to defend himself or herself; to consider all factors before forming an opinion of another’s motives, or before passing judgment on his or her actions;

VI. COOPERATION: realizing that they must work closely and harmoniously with others in this day of highly organized social and economic endeavor;

VII. RESPONSIBILITY: assuming always full responsibility for their actions, and accepting opportunities to fulfill their social, economic, and moral obligations;

VIII. CHARITABLENESS: being over tolerant, generous and considerate in their relationships with others; and courteous, gentle, and kind in their attitudes and actions toward their fellowmen.

These are the principles that the members of THE GAMMA BETA PHI SOCIETY adhere to in their promotion of scholarship, service, and character.

The Coat of Arms

The various features of the coat of arms of The Gamma Beta Phi Society have distinct meaning within the scope of heraldry.

The helmet is symbolic of the armored strength of the knight, and the scroll at the top of the coat of arms represents his tattered tunic which has been torn in his fight for truth and justice.

The three stars at the top of the shield stand for the moral and spiritual values in life for which all members of Gamma Beta Phi strive.

The Three letters (ΓβΦ – Gamma, Beta, Phi) on the ribbon across the center of the shield represent the ideals of the organization. Gamma is the initial letter of the Greek word “gnosis for “Knowledge” or “education;” Beta is the initial letter of the Greek word “bios” meaning “life;” Phi is the initial letter of the Greek word “philios” meaning “love” or “friendship.” These three signify that education and friendship constitute the basis of a full and happy life.

The eagle with the outstretched wings at the base of the shield stands for loyalty to country: the olive branch in the right claw being emblematic of our national dedication to the cause of peace, while the arrows in the left claw indicate our readiness to fight for justice and freedom.

The ebony of the ribbon across the center of the shield signifies the dignity and strength of the fellowship of the organization.

The gold surface of the shield stands for the golden band of friendship which binds together the members of the Society.

The words “SCHOLARSHIP,” “SERVICE,” and “CHARACTER,” inscribed on the ribbon around the base of the shield, are the watchwords of the organization and represent the ideals and purposes of THE GAMMA BETA PHI SOCIETY.

Membership Pledge

I solemnly declare that I shall always strive to hold fast to the principles of honesty, to maintain a standard of academic excellence, to serve humanity, and to develop good character and leadership ability. I further pledge myself to cooperate with other members of The Gamma Beta Phi Society in the active promotion of these ideals in our school, community, state, and nation.