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The Gamma Beta Phi Society

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The Gamma Beta Phi Society has been recognizing excellence in education and requiring community service since it was founded in 1964. Today, The Gamma Beta Phi Society is still sharing its mission with colleges and universities all across America. The recognition, community service, and scholarship opportunities that The Gamma Beta Phi Society brings to an institution are unparalleled by any other national honor society.

Requirements for Starting a Chapter

To establish a chapter of The Gamma Beta Phi Society, an institution must:

  • Have at least one faculty or staff member of the institution serve as a chapter advisor.
  • Have college support for establishing a Gamma Beta Phi chapter on campus.
  • An electronic file of eligible student’s name and address is needed in order to send out the invitation.

United States Institutions

  • Offer associate or bachelor’s or masters, or doctoral degree programs.
  • Maintain or have earned official candidacy status from a qualifying accrediting agencies.

Gamma Beta Phi determines the eligibility of institutions on a case-by-case basis.

Please contact National Headquarters to request to start a chapter.