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The Gamma Beta Phi Society

Gamma Beta Phi National Service Project Overview

Each academic year, the Gamma Beta Phi Society identifies a way to leave a lasting impact on local communities across the nation. The theme for this year’s National Project is “Improving our Community through Service.” Rather than taking the usual approach of identifying one particular organization to serve, we encourage all members (students, chapter advisors, and alumni) to facilitate small projects in their local community that focus on any of the following five sectors:

Caring for the Disadvantaged
Serving the Servers
Mental Health Awareness
Furry Friends

Environment: Members can focus on promoting environmental issues by completing a myriad of potential projects including picking up trash, promoting a recycling project, or adopting a road, campus, creek, or beach to clean.

Furry Friends: Members can identify ways to support our furry friends, and ensure that animal care is a major priority within their local community. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways, including volunteering at “No Kill” shelters, working with animal adoption agencies, and adopting a dog park.

Middle Tennessee State University Chapter

Caring for the Disadvantaged: Members can focus on implementing events and programming that focus on supporting the less-fortunate within their local community. This can be accomplished by initiating individual projects or collaborating with local organizations. We encourage members to participate in projects such as food banks, dress for success/clothing drives, a winter coat drive, hygiene and toiletry package donations, or volunteering with community programs such as Meals on Wheels or at sites such as Nursing Homes.

Serve the Servers: Each day, millions of citizens dedicate their lives to serving others. We encourage members to “serve the servers” by completing projects that focus on uplifting those who dedicate their entire lives to other people. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways, including adopting a military family, working with veterans on your local campus, volunteering at a veteran’s home, serving dinner to police officers and fire fighters, completing a teddy bear drive for law enforcement officials, and volunteering at a military/veteran’s hospital.

Mental Health Awareness: Millions of people suffer from mental health issues each year, including college students. With growing awareness and intentional programming, members can provide community members with much-needed support. This can be accomplished in a myriad of ways including hosting mental health awareness programs on campus, creating awareness ribbons, participating in Mental Health Awareness Week (first week in October), or completing programming for Mental Health Awareness Month (May).

National Project Competition

2018-2019 National Service Project

In the spirit of friendly competition, The Gamma Beta Phi Society sponsors an annual National Service Project Competition. Our goal is to encourage as many chapters as possible to engage their members in service, while promoting friendly competition. In doing so, we hope to leave a lasting impact on our communities, while promoting chapter participation and pride! Below, you’ll find more information regarding our guidelines for the Service Project Competition.

Philanthropic Areas of Choice:

Each Chapter must select a sector of focus:

  • Environment
  • Caring for the Disadvantaged
  • Serving the Servers
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Furry Friends

The Competition will be broken down into contests between institutions within varying categories based on the size of your chapter. Membership Categories:

  • Category 1: 1 – 50 Members
  • Category 2: 51 – 100 Members
  • Category 3: 101 – 150 Members
  • Category 4: 151+ Members


  1. Chapters must select one sector of focus
  2. Chapters must identify their Membership Category (see below)
  3. Chapters must record the hours of service Download Spreadsheet Here.
  4. Only service hours that pertain to that mission shall be accepted for the competition
  5. Chapters must record the number of members that participate in the service project
  6. Chapters must obtain a letter from the organization or individual(s) the service project is benefiting, thanking them for the service
  7. Financial donations will count towards service projects Volunteer hours of service are weighted more than financial donations
  8. Chapters must submit a newsletter, power point or video to the National Executive Director along with their information by the prescribed deadline

Submission Materials:

You must send the following to the National Executive Director ([email protected]) by May 31st.

  1. Excel file (Download Spreadsheet Here) containing the Category of your Chapter, total hours, and total number of participants in your service projects. Please Submit Here
  2. Thank you letter(s) from the organization(s) or individual(s) the service is benefiting. Please Submit Here
  3. A newsletter, PowerPoint or video documenting what you have done and how you made an impact. Please Submit Here
  4. A statement of why you feel your chapter deserves to win the trophy. Please Submit Here

Incomplete or late submissions will be disqualified from the competition

The Winners Will Be Determined By:

  • Volunteer hours
  • Impact made (Hours over donations)
  • Quality of newsletter, power point and/or video

Competition Winners Will Receive:

  1. A media release by National Headquarters to the school of the winning chapter
  2. Posting of the chapter’s accomplishment on the National GBP website
  3. The chapter’s name, volunteer hours, year, and selected sector on a plaque at the National Head Quarters
  4. A donation of $150 to an organization selected by the winning chapter related to the winning chapter’s chosen sector (in the chapters name)

Important Dates and Deadlines:

  1. Chapters can complete their service projects anytime during the Fall– Spring academic year.
  2. Chapters must submit all of their competition materials by May 31st
  3. The winners will be announced by August 1st.
  4. An announcement to all chapters will be sent by the National Society soon afterwards.
  5. The winning Chapter will receive their award shortly after the National announcement.
University of Mississippi Chapter 2