The Gamma Beta Phi Society

Our History

The Gamma Beta Phi Society, a national collegiate honors society, was chartered on March 22, 1964, in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Created by a group of Southern college educators, it was a natural extension of the Beta Club, a high school honors society founded by Dr. John W. Harris. Dr. Harris served as the Society’s Executive Secretary for its first decade.

Under the tutelage of the next Executive Secretary, Dr. Aaron Todd, the Society grew steadily, adding new chapters and moving to Murfreesboro, Tennessee. In 1984 Mrs. Margaret McCauley became the new National Executive Director, a position created to better serve the Society in a leadership role and in tandem with the National Executive Committee. At that time, the National Headquarters was established in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. The Society has seen new leadership since Ms. McCauley and currently operates under the National Executive Committee.

Today Gamma Beta Phi has chapters all across the United States. It regularly inducts thousands of academically excellent students who share its mission of promoting education and service. The Society has made a major impact all across America. In recent years, The Gamma Beta Phi Society has collected thousands of books for St. Jude Children’s Hospital, sent six thousand pairs of shoes to the citizens of Iraq, collected thousands of hats for the Heavenly Hats Foundation, sent letters to the service men and woman onboard the USS Kitty Hawk, and bought an Ark for Heifer International. The Gamma Beta Phi Society is proud of its history of service and academic excellence and we would love to have you help us in our endeavors.

Today, The Gamma Beta Phi Society has more than 80 chapters in schools across the nation. We remain committed to scholarship, service, and character, and look to provide our students with valuable resources that will help them embody these values in college and after.