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The Gamma Beta Phi Society


Are you interested in leaving a long-term impact on Gamma Beta Phi, after you graduate? If so, we encourage you to join our network of Professional Alumni Members! The Gamma Beta Phi Professional Alumni Members Program provides college graduates of our Society with an opportunity to leave a long-term impact through community service, local chapter engagement, leadership opportunities and more! You will have a chance to help us promote scholarship, service, and character around this nation, and provide our Society with a stronger presence in regards to philanthropy. Your membership and contribution ensures that Gamma Beta Phi serves as a beacon to communities and organizations in need, as we promote servant leadership and change. 

Benefits of the Professional Alumni Members Program: 

As a Professional Alumni Member, you will automatically acquire the following:

  • Professional Alumni Member Plaque
  • Official Gamma Beta Phi Lapel Pin
  • Official Certificate
  • Certificate Holder

In addition, Professional Alumni Members gain access to the following benefits:

Community Service Grants – Are you interested in impacting your local community? Do you need financial assistance as you launch a community service project in your local area? Would you like to take a project from your college chapter, and push it forward as an alumni?  If so, you can apply for a Professional Alumni Member Community Service Grant! These grants (ranging from $100 – $300) provide Professional Alumni Members with an opportunity to fund a local community service project of their choosing. Once you become a member, you will be able to reach out to National Headquarters for grant details and the application process. This is a GREAT opportunity to leave your own lasting legacy within your local community! 

Professional Alumni Member Webinars – Our National Executive Committee Professional Member will hold Webinars throughout the course of the year, to provide members with updates regarding the Society, along with new and exciting opportunities for you to engage in amazing philanthropic efforts! As a Professional Alumni Member, you will receive personal invitations to attend these sessions and contribute ideas and recommendations as the Society moves forward. We are providing you with a “seat at the table” – help us ensure that the Society continues to promote our national pillars, and create the most fulfilling and engaging experience for both students and graduates! 

Professional Alumni Member – National Service Projects – We will organized special philanthropic efforts, specifically for our Professional Alumni Members across the nation. You’ll have a chance to engage in the Society, as we continue to promote the growth and development of our local communities. 

Networking Opportunities – We hope you will join us for special networking opportunities, including gatherings at our National Conventions! 


No matter your budget or desired level of input, there is a place for you within our Professional Alumni Members Program! Below, you’ll find three membership options:

Option #1: 1-Year Membership ($70)

This option provides you with a one-year membership opportunity to engage within the Professional Alumni Members Program.

Option #2: 5-Year Membership Program ($315)

This option provides you with a 10% discount over five years, as you engage within the Professional Alumni Members Program.

Option #3: Lifetime Membership Program ($700)

This option provides you with an opportunity to leave a lasting impact within the Professional Alumni Members Program for decades to come…for one flat fee! 


If you have any questions or desire more information about how you can make a lasting impact as a Professional Alumni Member, you can contact National Headquarters at [email protected]