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The Gamma Beta Phi Society

Welcome Address


On behalf of The Gamma Beta Phi Society, I wish to extend my heartfelt welcome to you, as you learn more about our Society! Gamma Beta Phi serves as a collegiate honor society that focuses on uplifting both its members and those around them. Since our inception, we have inducted well over 100,000 college students across the nation. We currently have almost 80 chapters at community colleges, liberal arts institutions, private colleges, and public/research universities throughout America, with members who are extremely devoted to becoming both academic and philanthropic leaders within their community. Our Society serves as a beacon of light in an ever-changing world – and with your help, we can continue to achieve that mission! 

We distinguish ourselves from other collegiate societies in three manners. First, we emphasize scholarship. Our members excel inside of the classroom, earning high remarks from their professors and peers alike. They succeed in all areas of academia, with academic disciplines that span the spectrum between undergraduate and graduate studies. Second, we emphasize service. Philanthropy serves as the core of our Society. Therefore, our members find ways to leave a lasting impact on their local communities.  Our chapters implement a myriad of service projects each year, both big and small, to empower those around them. With thousands of members focusing on philanthropic work, the Gamma Beta Phi Society is truly leading the way in terms of social change and community development. Lastly, we focus on character. We empower our members to look inside of themselves and ignite the change agent within. Members become revolutionary leaders, both on their campus and within their local community. Each year, we produce scholars who graduate with the tools to literally change the world!

Are you looking for a Society that recognizes your academic achievements? Are you looking for a Society that focuses on your character development? Are you looking for a Society that focuses on enhancing both your life and the lives of those within your community? If so, then join the movement!

We hope that our website provides you with helpful information about our history, our mission, our national service project, and more. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us here at National Headquarters!

April McMillan, PhD
National Executive Director
The Gamma Beta Phi Society