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Regional Senators

Gamma Beta Phi Regional Senators play a pivotal role within the Society. Regional Senators are student leaders who serve as directors of the regions they represent for activities for undergraduate student members including facilitation of communications with chapters. As the Regional Senator, they serve as the spokespersons for the chapters in their region and assist National Headquarters with initiatives to recruit new chapters and members. They also assist in the retention of existing chapters and members, and work to help reactivate chapters that have recently gone inactive. Their overall goal is to cooperate with Chapter Advisors and Headquarters to maintain current rosters for chapters in their region. Furthermore, they hope to collaborate with alumni members to identify recruitment tactics in their region. Finally, they will assist with the promotion of major programs and events, including our National Conventions. If you are unaware of your particular region, please click HERE.

Fall 2021-Spring 2022 Regional Senators


The Gamma Beta Phi Society is thrilled to announce our Fall 2021 – Spring 2022 Regional Senators! We look forward to working with each of these students over the course of the next academic year as we continue to promote scholarship, service, and character in your area! With their help, we will empower our members, strengthen our chapters, and establish new chapters within your region. These students will serve in this role for one academic year, with the Society taking nominations again next spring for the next group of Senators.


Kashif Alston (Bluefield State College)

Mr. Kashif Alston served in the Air Force prior to enrolling in school and is active now as a junior mechanical engineering student at Bluefield State College in West Virginia as a Resident Assistant. He believes that he is a dedicated and motivated individual who has proven leadership experience and a reputation of being a team leader, team builder, and a self-starter. His passion for volunteering and being a team leader has enabled him to train US Air Force members, to serve as a judge for high school graduation project presentations, as an unpaid tutor, and as a volunteer for Division I football games.

Ashanti Ortiz (Kean University)

Ms. Ashanti Ortiz is enrolled at Kean University and is a junior psychology major. She believes that she is a diligent and efficient individual who is active in her community through volunteering with a broad range of organizations. She believes that she has the professionalism that a position such as Regional Senator demands and that her organizational and communications skills will enable her to fulfill the role, being a faithful representative of the Gamma Beta Phi Society.


Morcos Saeed (Anderson University)

Mr. Morcos Saeed is a sophomore in biochemistry at Anderson University. He currently serves as his chapter’s treasurer. He is very active in his campus community, participating in several other organizations – which he believes allows him to develop a wide array of skills and helps him to learn how to deal with a diverse pool of people. He believes that community service is easily one of the most important fields of life.

Simonee Thomas (Clark Atlanta University)

Ms. Simoneé Thomas is a Dr. Bettye M. Clark Graduate Ambassador for Clark Atlanta University, where she is a Ph.D. candidate in Political Science. She is a charter member of Clark Atlanta’s chapter; is a recipient of a Ford Foundation Fellowship; and is a member of several other national honor societies. She believes that her skillset will show that she is an eager scholar, an engaged leader, an enthusiastic liaison, and an effective communicator. Ms. Thomas believes that impacting the lives of others is one of our most treasured gifts to others, as evidenced by her recognition by the NAACP for her unrelenting service and commitment to her community with the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Devoted Service Award.


Antianna Martin (University of Mississippi)

Ms. Antianna Martin is a junior at the University of Mississippi, where she is majoring in paralegal studies and hopes to become a family lawyer. She believes that the Gamma Beta Phi Society’s pillars of scholarship, service, and character have been the driving forces behind her continual effort to be a better scholar and leader. Her involvement with several other national societies has helped her learn how to serve others and their needs through community service as well as serving in some leadership roles.

Kaitlyn Bittner (University of Mississippi)

Ms. Kaitlyn Bittner is a sophomore in biochemistry at the University of Mississippi, pursuing a nursing degree. She is a very active member of her campus community. Ms. Bittner believes that serving as Regional Senator, she can use her skillset to help execute communication across the Society and that she hopes to serve a resource to all chapters and members to ensure that they are kept up to date with the organization and its happenings. Kaitlyn feels that the position requires great organization, excellent public speaking skills, and an inviting demeanor that is welcoming to all; that can be hard to find in a person, but with a past that consists of various public speaking competitions and opportunities as well as numerous positions as heads of committees and boards, she considers herself well versed in the qualities and experiences needed to serve in this position. 


Johana Romero (Bethel University)

Ms. Johana Romero is a student at Bethel University pursuing a degree in business management. She is a very active student in her campus community, not only participating in several societies, but also as a two-sport student athlete. She serves her broader scholastic community as a member of her Student Government Association. Ms. Romero was elected as a Regional Senator during COVID, but due to pandemic restrictions, was not able to serve in that capacity. The desire to serve is still strong in Johana, as evidenced by her chapter advisor’s belief that to say that Ms. Romero “is well suited to this role would be a gross understatement. She is intrinsically motivated in ways that are extraordinary…”


Simonee Thomas (Clark Atlanta University)


Kashif Alston (Bluefield State College)

Congratulations to our new Senators!!!