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The Gamma Beta Phi Society

Regional Senators

Gamma Beta Phi Regional Senators play a pivotal role within the Society. Regional Senators are student leaders who serve as directors of the regions they represent for activities for undergraduate student members including facilitation of communications with chapters. As the Regional Senator, they serve as the spokespersons for the chapters in their region and assist National Headquarters with initiatives to recruit new chapters and members. They also assist in the retention of existing chapters and members, and work to help reactivate chapters that have recently gone inactive. Their overall goal is to cooperate with Chapter Advisors and Headquarters to maintain current rosters for chapters in their region. Furthermore, they hope to collaborate with alumni members to identify recruitment tactics in their region. Finally, they will assist with the promotion of major programs and events, including our National Conventions. If you are unaware of your particular region, please click HERE. Please meet our Fall 2020 – Spring 2021 Regional Senators. 

Region 1
Ms. Sho’Monique
Hankins Wytheville Community College
Region 3
Ms. Johana Romero
Bethel University
Region 2
Ms. Darrenisha Long
Georgia Southern University
Region 3
Mrs. Treva Benson
The University of Mississippi
Region 3:
Ms. Jody Lynn
The University of Tennessee
Region 3
Ms. Cameron Kincer
Midway University

Fall 2021-Spring 2022 Regional Senators


We are thrilled to announce that we are now accepting applications for our Fall 2021-Spring 2022 Gamma Beta Phi Regional Senators. Regional Senators play a vital role within the Society. As the designated leaders within their assigned geographical region, Regional Senators serve as the liaison between local Chapters and National Headquarters. They work with student leaders across the nation to organize events, promote special community service ventures, and more! On the National level, Senators help the Society prepare for our Convention, communicate major announcements to their regional Chapters, and travel across the nation to speak at induction ceremonies on behalf of the National Executive Director. These one-year experiences provides members with an opportunity to impact the lives of thousands of students through strategic leadership, community engagement, communication, and service. Through the national voting process, we will formally elect two students from each region to serve as Senators for the upcoming academic year.  To see a geographical breakdown of each region, please click HERE.  


In order to apply, students must:

  1. Complete the digital application – Please click HERE
  2. Submit a Professional Resume
  3. Submit a Cover Letter highlighting your desire to become a Regional Senator
  4. Submit a Professional Headshot
  5. Your Chapter Advisor must e-mail a recommendation letter on your behalf, directly to National Headquarters

All items must be submitted by September 20, 2021, in order for applicants to be considered “eligible” for the Regional Senators positions.  If your application is missing any of the required items, you will be deemed ineligible to continue through the election process.  Please ensure that you communicate the deadline with your Chapter Advisor, to ensure that your letter of recommendation is submitted (e-mailed) in a timely manner. 


All students who submit a full application (online submission, resume, cover letter, headshot and recommendation letter from their Chapter Advisor), they will be deemed eligible for national nominations. National Headquarters will launch a one-week voting period where all Chapter Advisors will be able to submit a vote, along with one designated student leader from their Chapter. Votes will be tallied, and final results will be announced in October of 2021. 


Regional Senator election results will be announced in October. Once the winners are formally announced, National Headquarters and the National Executive Committee (NEC) will reach out to the students to coordinate summer training sessions, in preparation for the upcoming academic year. 


If you have any questions are you review and complete the application materials, please feel free to contact National Headquarters at [email protected]