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College graduates of a Gamma Beta Phi Chapter, along with Member-at-Large college graduates, are invited to become Alumni Members!  Alumni membership provides you with an opportunity to stay connected to Gamma Beta Phi members across the world! Alumni members are committed to facilitating Scholarship, Service, and Character through leadership, wisdom, and resources. As a Gamma Beta Phi Alumni Member, we can help you connect with the Society in several ways, including connecting you with chapters in your geographical area for community service projects/special events.

Gamma Beta Phi collegiate graduates have two options for alumni membership:


$25.00 Annually

Gifts on behalf of National Headquarters:

Special Certificate, “Alumni” T-shirt, and a Gamma Beta Phi Coffee Mug


One-Time Fee of $250.00

Gifts on behalf of National Headquarters:

Special Certificate, “Alumni” T-shirt, a Gamma Beta Phi Coffee Mug, and a Special Alumni Plaque

Please know that your alumni membership dues will go directly towards funding the national organization’s effort of promoting Scholarship, Service, and Character via community service initiatives in numerous ways, including:

ANNUAL GAMMA BETA PHI SCHOLARSHIPS: Thanks to your contributions as an Alumni Member, we’ll be able to alleviate the burden of higher education, by offering scholarships to current GBP members across America (ranging from $750 to $1,500). 

NATIONAL CONVENTIONS: Thanks to your contributions as an Alumni Member, we’ll be able to provide students, chapter advisors, and alumni across this nation with impactful National Conventions every two years. During these 2 – 3 day summits, we empower our members with the skills and resources to serve as change agents in their local communities.

NATIONAL SERVICE PROJECTS: Thanks to your contributions as an Alumni Member, the Society will continue to promote our annual/national service project. Each year, we create opportunities for our members across America to work together for the greater good. In the past, we have focused on national projects such as Wounded Warriors and the Little Free Libraries. Your contributions will continue to help local chapters and National Headquarters, as we continue to uplift communities across America!  

Alumni - National Convention - 2 Students


As a Gamma Beta Phi Alumni Member, you also have the ability to influence the direction of the Society from a national level. Each year, we invite Alumni Members to run for two “Alumni Member” positions on our National Executive Committee. The National Executive Committee (NEC) serves as the governing body for The Gamma Beta Phi Society. Elected every two years (at The Gamma Beta Phi National Convention), NEC provides the Society with oversight in regards to policies, bylaws, constitutional edits, national projects, and National Headquarters supervision. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact National Headquarters at (865) 483-6212 or  

Gamma Beta Phi Society – Lifetime Alumni Members
Name Year Institution
Stuart Shalloway 1984 University of South Carolina – Columbia
Amber Round-Johnson 1990 Louisiana State University
Patty Carman 1992 Marshall University
Dr. James Snider 1996 Western Kentucky University
John W. Kimbrell 1996 University of South Carolina Upstate
Tamara Nation 2013 Northwest Arkansas Community College
Sarah R. Marsh 2014 Troy University-Dothan Campus
Misty Sightler 2015 Virginia College – Jacksonville
Sagar Yadavali 2015 University of Tennessee
Marla Ferlet 2016 University of Houston Victoria
Travis Lockett 2016 Bluefield State College
Shannon Shipp 2016 Hardin-Simmons University
Tina Milam 2016 University of Mississippi
Thomas Stell 2016 University of Texas
Dr. Linda Gatti-Clark 2016 Arkansas State University – Heber Springs
Carrie Smith 2016 Durham Technical Community College
Diane Morehead 2016 Baker College
Lexia Frasher-Quintana 2017 Troy University Dothan
Melinda Asiamah 2017 Qunicy College
Rebekah Caban 2017 University of Central Oklahoma
Nicole Tatum 2017 Durham Technical Community College
Tran Trang 2017 University of California, Riverside
Marie McGurk 2017 Appalachian State University
Chris Traxson 2018 University of Arkansas
Lance Gargus 2018 University of North Alabama
Kimberly Watkins 2018 Bluefield State College
Sara Combs 2018 DeVry University
Reva Wells 2018 Virginia College Birmingham
Jasmine Williams 2018 University of Houston-Victoria
Christina Keller 2018 University of South Carolina Upstate
Ludy Pittman 2018 Nunez Community College
Cayce Curry 2018 Georgia College & State University
Velona Lawrence 2018 Florida Technical College
Michael Rhoten 2018 Middle Tennessee State University
Jeffery Medlin 2018 Colorado State University
Gamma Beta Phi Society – 1-Year Alumni Members
Name Date Institution
Joshlyn Green 02/13/2020 Pitt Community College
Michael Bradford 02/10/2020 Arkansas Northeastern College
Alista Lebo 02/07/2020 Central Penn College
Charles Gregory 01/15/2020 Colorado State University
Betty Finchum 12/19/2019 Middle Tennessee State University
Denise Griffin 11/21/2019 University of Oklahoma
Kymberli Taylor 11/20/2019 Cumberland University
Angela Meek 08/15/2019 Troy University Montgomery
Devin Drury 07/20/2019 Nunez Community College
Vanessa Diaz 07/16/2019 Florida Technical College- Pembroke Pines
Calvin L. Williams 06/29/2019 University of Memphis
Tyrone Scott 06/27/2019 University of Central Arkansas
Alfonso Adolfo Rodolfo Gomez 06/23/2019 University of Arizona
Rebecca Hawkins 06/15/2019 Western Kentucky University
Bentley Callahan 06/13/2019 Howard Payne University
Darlene Van Treese Jarka 04/25/2019 New Mexico State University
Sabrina Bell 04/24/2019 Virginia College Birmingham
Chantelle Williams 04/09/2019 Durham Technical Community College
Maggie Miller 03/06/2019 Bluefield State College
Arron Umberger 03/05/2019 Bluefield State College
Harry Seams 02/21/2019 Bluefield State College
Angela Roberson 02/20/2019 Bluefield State College
Kayla York 02/20/2019 Bluefield State College
Raylene Green 02/19/2019 Bluefield State College
Antoinette Janson 02/19/2019 Bluefield State College
Elizabeth Crutcher 01/26/2019 Bethel University
Douglas Register 01/18/2019 Durham Technical Community College
Kristi Nelson 01/12/2019 University of North Texas
Katina Murrell 12/10/2018 Virginia College
Roneisha Ward 11/06/2018 Pitt Community College
Lakia Hunter 11/04/2018 University of South Carolina, Beaufort
LaTwyla Bienemy 10/03/2018 Nunez Community College
Danyelle Parrish 09/21/2018 River Parishes Community College
Christopher Caveney 09/12/2018 Arkansas Northeastern College
Tabitha Day 08/16/2018 University of South Carolina, Beaufort
Vivian Muniz 07/20/2017 University of California – Riverside
Kelby Tidey 06/06/2017 University of South Carolina Upstate
Tyrone Scott 06/04/2017 University of Central Arkansas
Kristi Martin Robert 06/02/2017 River Parishes Community College
Sherry Boyd 06/01/2017 Texas Tech University
Megan Kenney 05/17/2017 Chapman University
Kentrella Jones 05/01/2017 Troy University Montgomery
Marisa Cole 04/02/2017 Virginia Tech-Blacksburg
Gretchen Grage 03/18/2017 Chapman University
Anneliese Glasgow 03/08/2017 New Mexico State
Ann Whitfield-Dawsey 03/06/2017 Troy University
Corey Mills 02/21/2017 Pitt Community College
Elizabeth Faulkenbury 12/08/2016 Northwest Arkansas Community College